Al Case Gas filled Temperature Gauge(AT)

The AT model thermo consists of stem, capillary and bourdon tube in a aluminum case. These parts are connected to form a unit. The complete measuring system is filled with an inert gas as standard or mercury as an option under pressure. A temperature change causes the internal pressure in the stem to change. The deflection of the bourdon tube thus caused is transmitted to the pointer by a movement. A bimetallic element is fitted in between the moment and bourdon tube to compensate for fluctuations of ambient temperature at the case.

al case gas filled temerture
Product BenefitsApplicationsTechnical Documentation
  • Quick response so fast measurement
  • Overload capacity 1.3 times of FS
  • Protection of IP65
  • Accuracy Class 1 as per DIN 16203
  • Casing, Aluminium de casted
  • Wide selection of standard models
  • Special versions to the customer specifications
  • Petroleum Industries
  • Thermal / Hydro Power Stations
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Food Process industries / Hygenic Applications
  • Water treatment plants
  • Iron and Steel Industries
  • General Mechanical Engineering Industries
  • Rubber Molding / Processing Plants
  • Chemical process industries
  • Air conditioning
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