Every Angle Temperature Gauge (EB)

The EB model: Every angle Bi-metallic thermometer is a quick reacting bimetal coil. It is manufactured from two cold-welded metal strips with different thermal expansion coefficients and rotates in proportion to temperature. The rotary movement is conveyed to the pointer with low friction.
A silicon filled version is available as an option for service at measuring points subjected to strong vibration and gives quick sensing to the bimetal element. This filling also damps the measuring system when mechanical vibration occurs. At the same time this will provide good lubrication effect on moving parts which will result on increase of lie time.
A version with rotating (360o) and pivoting case (90o) allow the thermometer to be aligned as desired under all installation conditions.

Every Angle Temperature Gauge (EB)
Product BenefitsApplicationsTechnical Documentation
  • Quick response so fast measurement
  • Over ranging 1.3 times of FS
  • Protection to IP65
  • Accuracy class 2,0 as per DIN16203
  • Casing, Stainless Steel 304 Standard
  • Any angle adjustment with pivot screwing
  • Special versions to the customer specifications
  • Petroleum industries
  • Thermal / Hydro Power Stations
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Food Process Industries / Hygienic Applications
  • Water treatment plants
  • Iron and Steel Industries
  • General Mechanical Engineering Industries
  • Rubber Molding / Processing Plants
  • Chemical Process industries
  • Air-conditioning
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