The trunion design high performance ball valves use the upper and lower supports to retain the ball under pressure. It allows the valve to be installed in either direction. This valve can be used in applications with reversing flow.

Another feature of trunion design is that it allows the ball valve to act as a true union. This allows down stream piping to be disconnected under full upstream pressure (provided the downstream piping is drained of liquid and that the valve is indeed closed and secured to upstream piping). The trunion on a two way ball valve supports the ball in much the same way as the stem does on top.

Comfomity to code & standards

General Design & Manufacturing Valve Dimensions Valve Inspection & Testing Special Features
BS EN ISO 17292 ASME B16.10/ ASME B16.5 BS EN 12266-1
Hydro Shell : 77 kg/
Seat Test : 58 kg/
Air Seat : 7 kg/
Fire Safe to API-607, Metal to Metal Seat,
Block / Bleed & Sealant Injection

Technical specifications

Valve type => Trunion Mounted ball valve
Body type => 2 pc
Seat type => Spring Loaded Seat design in Soft / Metal
End Connection => Flanged
Size range => 250 NB to 500 NB for Class RP/FP, 150NB to 500NB for 300 Class RP/FP
Pressure rating => Class 150/300
Seat leakage => Class VI – Soft seat, Class IV – Metal seat
Operation => Gear / Actuator (Electrical / Pneumatic)
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