These High performance floating design Ball Valves have the following advantages: Superior Sealing : Seat to ball sealing is further improved by allowing both the ball and seat to move. This provides a leak tight seal even at low pressures. The floating ball increases compression against the seat as system pressure increase. Self Cleaning : The floating design allows entrapped fluid to be continually drawn from the valve cavity. The internal washing action keeps the seats free of contaminated ingredients and guarantees superior valve performance. Self Adjusting : The seat and ball interface allows the seat to expand and contract in order to maintain proper ball contact at all times thus resulting in self adjustment.

Comfomity to code & standards

General Design & Manufacturing Valve Face to Face Dimensions Valve Inspection & Testing Special Features
BS EN ISO 17292 / API-6D Manufacturers standard. BS EN 12266-1
Hydro Shell : 77 kg/
Seat Test : 58 kg/
Air Seat : 7 kg/
Fire Safe to API-607, Metal to Metal Seat

Technical specifications

Valve type => Floating design ball valve.
Body type => 2 pc
Seat type => Soft / Metal.
End Connection => Screwed, socket & butt weld ends./Sw Extn.
Size range => 15 NB to 300 NB
Pressure rating => Class 300
Seat leakage => Class VI – soft seat, Class IV – Metal seat.
Operation => Hand lever/ Gear / Actuator (Electrical / Pneumatic).
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