The most sought after design by desalination plants and utility installations, IVDF represents the state of the art rubber lined Flanged double valve, meeting all the user industry requirements.

The double flanged body pattern ensures precise installation in pipeline, and can be used as an end to the line valve if required. the unique feature of this valve, is its ability for lined pipes, due to negligible disc protrusion beyond the body laying length. The universal square top shaft on valves upto DN200, enables easy change over from hand lever operation to actuated operation when required.

Comfomity to code & standards

General design and manufacturing Valve face to face dimension Top flange drilling Valve Inspection & Testing Flange Standard Conformity
EN 593 (BS 5155)/ API 609/ IS 13095. Double flanged Short Pattern to EN593 (BS5155) / API 609
IS 13095 /ISO 5752 series-13 / EN 558-1 series-13.
ISO 5211. API 598 / EN 12266 Part 1 (BS 6755 Pt 1) ASME B16.5 #150, en 1092 or

Technical specifications

Valve type => Centric Disc Design lined Flanged end Butterfly valve
Body type => Double Flanged Short
Seat type => Integrally Bonded with body ID.
End Connection => Flanged Ends (Double Flanged)
Size range => DN 50 to DN 650
Pressure rating => PN2.5, PN6, PN10 & PN16
Operating temperature range => -200 C to 1300 C (depending on MOC)
Seat leakage => Tight shut off
Operation => Hand Lever for sizes upto DN200 or Worm Gear, Pneumatic or Electric Actuators
Standard Material of Construction(MOC)Valve Body
SGI / WCB / CF8 / CF8M
Nitrile / EDPM / Neoprene / Hypalon
AISI410 / SS 17.4 PH / SS 316
Steel+PTFE or SS316+PTFE
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