The dual plate check valve is a swing valve uniquely designed for all purpose non-return valve (NVR) applications.The constructional feature makes the valve much smaller in size, lighter in weight & makes it much feasible in operation as compared to conventional swing check valve.

The dual plate swing check valve employs dual spring loaded plates / disc hinged on a central hinge pine. It operates on the differential pressure between fluid flow pressure & spring torsion pressure. As the flow pressure reduces, the plates tends to close with a cushion effect by spring torsion force thereby restricting the reversal of fluid flow..

Comfomity to code & standards

Design Pr. & Temp Rating Face to Face & End to End Dimensions Ends Butt Weld Ends
ANSI B16.34 / API 594 ASME / ANSI B16.34 ASME / ANSI B16.10 / API 594 Wafer Design API 598 / EN 12266 Part 1 (BS 6755 Pt 1) API 598 / EN12266 Part 1
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