Positioners provides a means for pneumatic actuator to be positioned to any point between full open & full close position.

El-O-Matic offers Posiflex make Pneumatic (F10), Electro-Pneumatic (F20). Apart from these El-O-Matic also supplies E/P, P/P & SMART Positioners of various Global manufactures on request.



The Posiflex-Pneumatic Positioner is a simple, single stage, displacement balance instrument suitable for either linear or rotary actuators.It provides stepless positional control for a wide variety of pneumatic actuators. A single universal model can be used for both double acting and single acting applications.

The basic design incorporates a high enhancement flapper and nozzle spool valve and adjustable range and reversing mechanical feedback

Three Position Cam for Rotary Actuators provides for linear, quick opening and equal percentage characteristics. A special cam for rotary actuator provides for split range.



The F20 is a universal Electro-Pneumatic Positioner, suitable for either linear or rotary actuators (single or double acting).

The F20 Positioner operates on the principle of analog electronic comparison. An analog 4-20 mA input signal is used to obtain an accurate position of the actuator.

The F20 is a true 2 wire instrument, with the 4-20 mA signal providing both the controlling signal and power supply for the electronics. An electronic module provides all the usual control characteristics; zero, range and sensitivity. They are all electronically resetable using trimmers on the control card.

A comprehensive range of integrated control options include gauges, switches and position transmitters. Mounting is to the Industry standard VDI/VDE 3845 (Namur) or IEC 534/6. The drive coupling for the rotary version is spring loaded for zero backlash.

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